New Millennium Writings

BE HERE POW | #28—2019

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New Millennium Writings | Vol. 28 | 2019

The "BE HERE POW" Issue

The 28th anthology has been doubly dedicated to the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 and to the remembrance of spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author, Baba Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert).

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Disappeared Kristin Kostick of Houston, Texas

the nation of aphasia Xiao Yue (Shelly) Shan of Tokyo, Japan New Millennium Poetry Award

The Language of Rivers Patrick Dawson of London, England and New York City New Millennium Fiction Award

Ember Alyson Hagy of Laramie, Wyoming New Millennium Flash Fiction Award

False Memory Marsh Rose of Cloverdale, California New Millennium Nonfiction Award

Like My Father Seth Simons of the Bay Area, California New Millennium Poetry Award

Since Patricia Sammon of Huntsville, Alabama New Millennium Fiction Award

How To Write a Love Letter Eleanor Bluestein of La Jolla, California New Millennium Flash Fiction Award

Blanking Kristin Kostick of Houston, Texas New Millennium Nonfiction Award



After Visiting the Lourdes of Lebanon C.W. Emerson

Ancient Addictions: The Coleridge Connection Kemmer Anderson

At the Speed of Light, Squared AKaiser

By Way of Crying Jack Cooper

Clinical Note Template for Men in Therapy James Cooper

Constellations Elizabeth Jackson

Dress Up Heidi Seaborn

Guelaguetza Ed Frankel

Hot Mess Keith Woodruff

Incident, 2015 Constsance Campana

Instinct Michele Harris

In the Time of the Great Forgetters Marjorie Saiser

It’s Only an Island If You Look at It From the Water John Sibley Williams

Love Poem Mark Scott

Migrant Trish Lindsey Jaggers

Moral Injury Jacqueline Berger

Muirburn Yvonne Reddick

Occupation Kurt Steinwand

Optative Dreaming Sarah Blanchard

Ossuaries Anne Sandor

Phone Calls Joyce Schmid

Riding the Dream Allen Sweat

Slave Shuyu Cao

Solace at the P.O. Sandy Longley

Some Things That Come in Twos Alice Ashe

Stopover on a Road Trip to L.A., 1981 C.W. Emerson

Symbiotic Laura Polley

Sympathy Vibration Robert Evory

The Darkness Damen O’Brien

The Drunken Novel Jim Glenn Thatcher

The House I Wish I Grew Up In Sam Griswold

The Last Jaguar Barbara Ungar

The Marriage Bed Sophia Stid

This Time FJ Bergmann

Waiting for Persephone Jim Glenn Thatcher

Weaning Victoria Richards

Welcome Lisa Dordal

When I Die You Don’t Have to Divert the River for Me. Barbara Mossberg

Why Moon Jellyfish Won’t Speak of Cancer Lois Roma-Deeley

Words Bracha Sharp