Adrianne Aron, Ph.D.

Human Rights and Wrongs

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Human Rights and Wrongs: Reluctant Heroes Fight Tyranny


A gift of truth for a generation of Dreamers, a vault of memories for their parents, and a record of shame, pride, sorrow, humor, and forgotten fact for a nation of immigrants.

One comes away from Human Rights and Wrongs knowing more about motivation, fear, risk-taking, and problem solving than when one began. But more than that, one knows more about the conditions of oppression that force people from all over—Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa—to flee their countries, and the conditions of human support and solidarity that help them rebuild shattered lives.

Human Rights and Wrongs tackles the most pressing and contentious issue of our time: the plight of the immigrant community and the ways in which the jingoistic patriotism and fear-mongering threaten to blind us to our own compassion and innate responsibility to help our fellow humans, regardless of nationality.

The author, who worked in the trenches to ensure the protection of at-risk asylum seekers for more than 20 years, delivers these difficult stories in an understandable and easy-to-digest tone that seeks not to shock or depress readers, but to awaken our sense of ethical responsibility and shared humanity.

Dr. Aron’s book is both instructive and uplifting, and a fierce rebuke to anti-immigrant voices booming across our spacious skies.