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FIRST, let's plant some trees in the Amazon Rainforest.

Every Musepaper 1.0 paperback sold equals one (1) tree planted in the Amazon Rainforest.
Every hardcover sold equals five (5) trees planted in the Amazon Rainforest.
See our reforestation progress at

NEXT, let's explore the possibilities of spontaneous writing, the gift of deadlines, and the artistry unleashed by daring to write outside our comfort zone. 

The secret behind watershed moments of creative genius is the exponential growth catalyzed by small, continuous improvement. The Japanese call it kaizen. The secret behind Musepaper is kaizen writing: a small monthly writing practice of under 1,000 words, using curated writing prompts. It’s designed to support writers who are ready to enrich their voice, refine their style, and follow their Muse. There are many valuable tools for a writer’s toolbox, but kaizen writing is the keystone, upon which all other tools depend on.